Freitag, 27. April 2012

FInest collaboration space

The FInest Collaboration Space

The main goal of FInest ( is to deliver the software technology for an open collaboration space, which facilitates the collaboration between supply chain partners and which is extendable and configurable to the specific needs of the supply chain partners.

The FInest collaboration space will be hosted in the Cloud and thus will be accessible over the Internet anytime and from anywhere. Finest employs collaboration and service models that allow the demand and supply sides of logistics services to determine together which applications they want (and need) to use. By facilitating this type of collaboration, the service providers can build a configuration of collaboration services from cloud based tools that best fits their needs. Below you can see a first "mockup" of the FInest collaboration space, following the iGoogle model:

Adoption of the FInest concept: We invite you to think with us

Besides creating the technical solutions, preparing for the adoption of this concept within the transport and logistics industry and related domains is one of the key ambitions of the FInest team. To this end, during the entire project ideas and draft solutions will thus be shared with the broader community to solicit feedback for targeting the solutions to the needs of all stakeholders.

We cordially invite you to engage in the shaping of the FInest collaboration space and to share your thoughts and opinions with us and look forward to receiveing your comments...

Also, feel free to check out our tweet:!/FInestPPP

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